3 things to do with mistletoe

22nd November 2015


Christmas is just a month away and I am already feeling the urge of making and wrapping lovely presents for my friends and family.  Yesterday I was determined to make something with the jar of chestnut jam that I had finished at breakfast, but I couldn’t find the right flowers for the composition I had in mind.  After wandering around the market for I while, I saw the mistletoe and thought it would do just great! It’s Christmassy and cheeky with all its white berries calling for smooches! I bought a nice bunch and a gorgeous red and orange rose to go with it and started planning what to do with them. Here are results of my cogitation and craftiness together with instruction on how to make these pretty projects.

1. Mistletoe jam jar

What do you need

  • a small bunch of mistletoe
  • a red rose
  • a jam jar
  • red velvet ribbon
  • vintage lace
  • double-sided tape




  • Clean the jar and let it dry
  • Cut enough ribbon and lace to go around once the jam jar
  • Use little strips of double-sided tape to attach them to the jar
  • Cut the stems of the mistletoe and rose to the desired length
  • Add them to the jar and fill it with a little water


2. Mistletoe boutonniére

What do you need

  • a branch of mistletoe
  • red velvet ribbon
  • florist tape
  • double-sided tape
  • pin



  • Cut out a few short branches of the mistletoe
  • Use some florist tape to hold them together (I didn’t have any so I used washi tape!)
  • Cut about 15-20 cm (8 inches) of velvet ribbon
  • Roll the ribbon around the mistletoe and fix with a tiny square of double-sided tape
  • Pin the boutonniere to a jacket


3. Mistletoe posies

What do you need

  • a few branches of mistletoe
  • red and white baker’s twine



  • Cut out a few medium length branches of mistletoe
  • Use some florist tape to hold them together (I didn’t have any so I used washi tape!)
  • Cut about 60-80 cm (30 inches) of baker’s twine
  • Roll the twine around the mistletoe leaving enough to hang it
  • Hang the mistletoe above the door (or inside the house) to not miss out on the kisses!


I hope you will have fun decorating your home with these  small projects! They will take only a couple of hours and very little money (I spent around £8) as you can recycle some objects that you already own (I  had the jar and the vintage lace).

Thank you to my britboy for posing in the cold for this post! Elisa x

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