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Bletchley Park – decoding British secret history

Today we visited Bletchley Park, home of the codebreakers of the Second World War. Located within the modern town of Milton Keynes, this centre played a major part in WWII history. If you’ve watched The Imitation Game, where Benedict Cumberbatch acts the part of…

14th March 2017
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Unexpected Morro Bay

Anyone who has heard of Morro Bay or approached it from a distance can’t have escaped noticing the imposing rock that juts up from the bottom of the sea, a memento of volcanic activity in the area. What they (we) wouldn’t have realised is…

20th July 2016
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Best walks of the south Lake District

Every now and then, during a stressful job or a dull day, I start daydreaming and my mind goes through those wonderful walks and places that were the frame and the painting of our stay in the Lake District. Last June for my 31st…

15th September 2015