My name is Elisa, I was born in Rome. I am proud of my city but I grew up in the suburbs that do not bear anything of the eternal glory of this holy city. When I mention to people that I am from Rome, they always say  “Oh I love Rome!”. Course, everyone loves Rome. I love it too. My blood is full of that frankness that qualifies a roman, but I couldn’t stop there.

I was born a traveller, an out-doorsy type, someone with the suitcase always ready for the next adventure.  As a baby, I wouldn’t fall asleep unless my mum took me for a stroll in my pram, no matter the weather. At 4 years old, I readily packed my tiny straw bag to leave with a stranger who was staying at the hotel where my family used to spend summers in the 80’s…only to find out the next day that she had already gone. At 13 I came to Great Britain, or Great Britain came to me. Not sure which one. At the time I just knew I had to come back to live in this place where people ate grass (watercress indeed tastes like grass) in sandwiches and walked barefoot in the streets.

I came back, several times. First to study English and literature in Wales, at a time when life still seemed to go in slow motion, feelings were strong and the future was a blank canvas. Then I went back to Rome to finish my studies and like a boomerang I ended up here in Oxford in my mid-twenties, still trying to figure out what to paint on that canvas.

I’ve been restless for a long time, but in my late twenties I met a man who changed me, inspired me, and helped me grow roots in a country that wasn’t mine. We have recently bought a house, not far from Oxford, where I still go every day to work in a digital agency and sip tea in one of the many cafès that dot this city.

This place, First We Love, is about those moments in life when I feel whole and the places, people, things that make me so. That’s what you will find here: my travels and wanderings, simple cooking, joyful gatherings, beautiful weddings, and vignettes of life in the UK.


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