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5 things to wear at a music festival

7th August 2016

Heading to one of the Summer music festivals but not sure what to wear? I have put together a small  wardrobe to be more prepared than the next girl and help your festival vibes. I picked 5 things that will make you look like a boho queen and have you party all day long in great style!

Is there anything better than these distressed denim shorts with added fringes to show off your swings? Match them with a black crop top with a laced back and Bob’s your uncle! You’re half way there to becoming the most head-turning festival gal.

But your festival outfit is not complete without some tie-leg or leather sandals and a compact bucket bag where you can store your hennas and beer tokens!

Do wear a good pair of sunglasses! These red browlines are such a retro-cool accessory and are way more than mere protection from unwanted glare.

If for any reason the next act is not of your taste, stop and listen to our festival playlist!




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